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 Voyager Wav Sounds

Season 1

Tom Paris
"Story of my life"
" pilot you could have"
"Didn't they warn you about Ferengi..."
"I'm already doing a job for the Federation"
"Well then, I guess I'm yours"
"...ovserving some sort of problem right now"
"What's in it for me?"

Lt. Stadi
"Do you always fly at women at warp speed Mr Paris?"

The Cloud

Kathryn Janeway
"Commander Chakotay, your stick"
"There's coffee in that nebula"
"...that's a Starfleet expresion for get out"
"Do we have any coffee left?"
"...even better than coffee..."
"I'm just going to have to give up coffee"
"...just like Jonah and the whale, you're goin in"

"B'Elanna's the only one I know who tried to kill her animal guide"

Tom Paris
"Can I get you anything?"
"You'd be suprised the things you learn in prison"
"Yes Ma'am"

B'Elanna Torres
"Has anyone ever told you, you have a lousy attitude?"
"...He's a pig.  And so are you"

The Doctor
"Why pretend we are going home at all?..."

"I've never kissed anyone inside a nebula before"

"These people are natural born idiots!"
"Well, uh, let's see if we can't find some space anomaly..."
"You don't care a great deal about your crew..."

Season 2
Coming soon

Season 3
Blood Fever
Coming Soon
Real Life
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Worst Case Scenario
Coming Soon

Season 4
Day of Honor
Tom Paris/B'Elanna Torres
"Why is we have to get beamed into space... before I can initate first contact proceedures?..."
"Let me access your controls..."
"I have to tell you the truth..."
"I wish I had known you then..."

Tom Paris
"I'm glad the last thing I'll see is you"
"I can't imagine a time I wouldn't have found you fascinating"
"Flattery won't get you any more oxygen"
"You picked a great time to tell me"
"You can't order me, I outrank you"

B'Elanna Torres
"The bottom line it, I don't want her working in Engineering"
"What a coward I am"
"I've been a coward about everything"
"Today, the Day of Honor, is the day I'm going to die"
"I'm going to die, without a shred of honor..."
"We've dumped the core"
"Welcome to the worst day of my life"
"Now you're a stubborn domineering pig"

Scientifc Method
Coming Soon
Omega Directive
"When in the collective Harry, adapt"

Harry Kim
"You're demoting me?"

Seven of Nine
"Your new designation is two of ten"

Season 5
Bride of Chaotica
Tom Paris
"See you at the fortress of doom!"
"Remember, you're the Queen!"

The Doctor
"My performance was unimpeachable"

Tuvok/Tom Paris
"She has been robbed... Seems to be a local pastime"
"...I'm convinced you're a hopeless romantic... There is no need to insult me"

Tom Paris
"Come back here you little bloodsucker"
"First day in town and I've already been mugged"

The Doctor
"I'm a doctor, not a battery"

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