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Hey!  She lives!
Latest Update:
February 20, 1999 -  Added Observing the Darkness
February 20, 1999- Added a few season 5 wavs


My Fanfic:

Searching for Truth
A coda to the episode Hunters.  Rated PG

Lingering Effects
Set in an AU late fifth season.  Rated PG

Observing the Darkness
A short coda to the episode Nothing Human.  Rated PG-13

Drubble Trouble
My minute contribution to the D*bble craze.  Rated G-R

Wav Sounds:
Sorted by episode
I am in the process of trying to get these back up.  So far I only have a few eps.  If you want something soon, please email me.

The Cloud
Real Life
Worst Case Scenario
Scientific Method
Omega Directive
Day of Honor
Bride of Chaotica

I was lucky enough to see Roxann in Denver last fall at the Starcon Convention.
Check out a few pix here:  Denver

Please let me know if you have any problems or comments: